My goals for 2018

2017 came to an end yesterday and I was thinking about how many good things happened this year: I read three Erlang books and became more proficient in that language that I really love more and more every day, I stayed another year at Gooee and still happy and loving it, got my US green card and can travel out of the country now, and finally to end the year our little Arya was born. Not everything has been shiny and blue, there are many not great things that also happened, especially suffering a burnout and depression from work for about two months that was driving me crazy. While I’m not a big fan of resolutions because we humans fail a lot to keep up with promises, I was thinking about a set of goals that I would like to have as a TODO list for 2018 and keep track of them here on my blog:


  1. Learn more about parenting and enjoy the more I can with my family.
  2. Travel back to Cuba to visit my parents after six years out.
  3. Try to eat more plant-based foods and attempt to become fully vegan. This is a hard one being Cuban and having relatives around and the fact that I love meat, but I’m 100% ethically and scientifically convinced about it.
  4. Exercise at least 3 days a week, I’ve got way more pounds that I like and that makes me feel tired and scared of health problems.
  5. Move from Florida to another state by the end of the year (Carolinas I’m looking at you).
  6. Spend more time doing things that I love like kayaking and traveling (Need to make more use of my PTO) instead of being most of the time on the computer. This game of the superhero and having no life other than writing codes got me into an awful burnout last year and my production at work went down a lot. I discovered that doing other things really gets me recharged, happy and with better mental focus.
  7. Consume less content and produce more. I don’t watch TV at all but some shows on Netflix got me sitting front of the TV for a long time that I can spend doing other things. As part of this goal, I want to write a post on this blog and read a book at least once per month.Also, need avoid Twitter, Hackernews and ProductHunt since they take most of my online time.
  8. Be nicer to people, especially marketing and non-engineers folks. Will rather focus on learning from everyone and keep the technical passions on the side.
  9. Finish at least 2 of my pending Side projects and give more back to Open Source projects I believe in (Last year I was involved with VerneMQ and Chef but I feel like I could do much more).
  10. Improve my English. I have spoken English for 2 years without a formal training about it, while I can communicate with people every day; I still lack full command of the language in certain areas and need to improve my grammar and pronunciation a lot (If somebody knows some good site or person to get better at it at a reasonable price, recommendations are more than welcome).
  11. Improve my Erlang, Elm and AWS skills.
  12. Write a book about the MQTT Protocol (Visit soon).
  13. Get better with my savings and start investing and building other sources of income.

This list looks really scary and challenging to be honest, but will try to stick to it and document the process here on my blog. Feliz 2018 everyone ✌🎉!