Dairon Medina Caro


You will find here all the articles that I have published, happy reading!

Formatting an existing Erlang codebase

How to format an existing codebase without messing git history. Using an Erlang project with erlfmt as an example.

Git tricks - worktree

How to use git worktree or how to work on different things and not get crazy

Fixing the Erlang observer on OSX with dark-mode.

The Erlang observer looks a bit bizarre in OSX when using dark-mode. This guide helps fixing it.

REST API with Elixir/Phoenix - A beginner's tutorial.

Elixir and Phoenix are a very exiting stack running in the Erlang VM. This Phoenix 1.5 tutorial will walk you through creating a simple Bookstore REST API with this platform.

On IPython and other utilities I use to profile Python code.

A brief introduction to IPython magic commands and other utilities to profile Python code.

Hey command, ping me when you are done

A simple bash alias to notify you when a command is done.

Released a VerneMQ plugin to monitor the cluster using AWS CloudWatch.

On how to monitor the VerneMQ message broker using AWS CloudWatch.

Using Faker to make your Python tests awesome.

A simple and quick way to generate fake data for your Python tests.

Pipenv - Managing your Python projects like a boss

A modern Python package manager that solves the problems of dependency hell, separation of development and production, and managing virtualenvs and packages separately.

Setting up a Golang development environment on Ubuntu Linux

A simple guide to set up a development environment for Golang on Ubuntu Linux.

Make Short URLs with Python and goo.gl

A simple Python function to shorten URLs using goo.gl

Send e-mails with attachments in Python

A simple example of how to send e-mails with attachments using Python

Disabling USB storage devices in Linux

Trick for disabling USB storage devices in Linux.

Show flags in gnome keyboard indicator

Simple trick to show flags in the Gnome keyboard indicator.

PHP short tags: a bad practice

Recommendations about the use of php "short tags".

Join PDF files in linux.

How to join two or more PDF files into one.

Linux: how to mount partitions at startup.

How to mount partitions at startup on Linux.

Jquery Ctrl + Key function

Reusable JQuery function to bind a Control + Key combination to an element

Python: Notificaciones con DBus.

Como enviar notificaciones al escritorio Gnome mediante Python y DBus.

Calcular el trimestre actual en PHP

Una pequeña función en PHP que permite calcular el trimestre del año dado el número del mes.

Rotar videos con memcoder y mplayer en linux.

Rotar videos con memcoder y mplayer en linux.